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Westbeth is a place like no other.

It is a place for artists who live at work at their craft. I am very happy to be among them. please see and learn about the many artists who have lived and who are still living here at Westbeth.

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“Hope” by Victoria Horne composed by Rüdiger Gleisberg & Gerold Kukulenz

BSC music licensed to YouTube through Zebralution

Video footage by Cottonbro and Karolina Grabowska from Pexels and storyblocks

Foto by Steve Johnson from Pexels

Victoria Featured In Maxazine

Check out this article about Victoria’s single hope written by Maxazine website.

“Victoria Horne is no stranger abroad. In Victoria, Paris, she performed during Joe Turner’s Live in Concert tour. She performed at the Festival International de Boogie Woogie de Roquebrou, and sang the National Anthem (“Amazing Grace”) during the NFL World Bowl held in Frankfurt, Germany. She also performed several times during the Paulaner Open Air Munich Festival.

Known as J.J. Victoria, she recorded singles such as ‘I Love You So Caruso’ and ‘I’ve Got Something’, from the soundtrack to the French film Jet Set. Victoria can also be seen in the Bob Dylan video ‘Tight Connection To My Heart. Victoria’s talent and professional training continue to shine through and to this day she continues to stand out.

Her latest single ‘Hope’ is out now, a melancholic song, peppered with hopeful lyrics. And that’s what we could use now, isn’t it?”

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