Not Just a Singer and Entertainer

In addition to singing, entertaining and photography, Victoria also takes trips back in time as an actress and storyteller with Historic Tours of America (HTA).

Victoria Is Singing Her Song Hope In A New Video

Victoria’s outstanding vocal capabilities are not limited to one genre; being excellently trained allows her the freedom to be versatile. Performing in New York City, the ability to sing various styles was paramount.

Victoria Is In The Studio Again

Victoria Horne is in the studio again recording a new song which she is working on in collaboration with German Electronica Producer Rüdiger Gleisberg.

Stay tuned for the release!!!

A Special Facebook Note

Victoria’s Facebook friend Bill Marchetti did a wonderful post about Victoria.

“Happy Sunday ? Shining a spotlight on international singer, songwriter & entertainer Victoria Horne, my lovely talented FB friend. Check out the audios & videos below to hear the power of Victoria’s vocals and see the energy, glamour & stage presence she brings to her performances. ” ~ Bill Marchetti

He has a lot of great photos and links to Victoria’s online videos.

You can view the original post here












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