Victoria Horne – A Hidden Treasure

This fundraising campaign is launched to support my art, such as my songwriting, my photography book which contains my travels around the world and my memories of my life and how I’ve managed my life through trials and tribulations … But also I wish to help young children who have lost their parents and who are living in Shelters without much help. A part of the collected funds will be given to The Children’s Aid Society :

Visit Victoria’s crowdfunding page now.

Born in New York City, Victoria started singing as a child, after extensive training she Started a professional career as a vocalist, which has allowed Victoria to live and work around The world!

Victoria Horne is known Internationally for her concerts in Munich, performances from Italy to Japan and with Costa Luxury Cruise Lines and a premiere entertainer. Here in the U.S.A. Victoria is a hidden treasure! Many of her fans discovered Victoria aboard Luxury cruises ships during their vacations. Through the years they have kept track of Victoria… …. so it’s time to head for Land!

Plans are in the works for U.S.A. concerts, so keep your eyes on this “New York City Girl” ! “Free To Fly ” is Victoria Horne’s debut Jazz CD, recorded during a live performance in Monte-Carlo with the Carlo Paggio Trio. (See CD Baby.Com)

These authentic jazz songs allow Victoria to demonstrate her marvelous vocal capabilities and diversity.

This informal recording sets the mood for an intimate and jazzy experience, as you are transported through time with Victoria, Accompanied by pianist Carlo Paggio, Bassist, Maurizio Bavastro, with drummer Sergio Malatesta-a spontaneous and innocent Musical creation……”Free To Fly”….will transport you!


Victoria Is Going Strong With Wolf Entertainment

Victoria Horne Signs With Hellmut Wolf Entertainment

Purchase the single Sound Of Your Body on Itunes

Victoria is excited to announce that she has signed with Wolf Entertainment as of September 2016.

Wolf Entertainment Press Release:

Above is the artwork of the new single “Sound Of Your Body” by newly signed Diva Victoria Horne. We are still working on the song, and it will soon be in all major online stores!!

Victoria is no stranger to the International scene, it is actually where she started. In Paris Victoria joined Joe Turner’s Live in Concert tour. A unique Belgian performance coupled Victoria Horne with Blues / Boogie Woogie pianist Renaud Patigny & his Trio, for the Festival International de Boogie Woogie de Roquebrou leading to the well-received blues single “Let it Roll.”

In Germany Victoria performed the National Anthem (Amazing Grace) during the NFL World Bowl held in Frankfurt, Germany. The Strangers in The Night concert featured Victoria with The Harald Ruschenbaum Jazz Orchestra & Anders Holte a highlight of The Paulaner Open Air Munchen Festival, which invited Victoria to perform for two seasons.

Known as J.J. Victoria on the popular recordings I Love You So Caruso, (Orlando Productions / Dist. Carrere in France.) and I’ve Got Something (French film Jet Set) these classic recordings are a testament to Victoria’s excellent vocal capabilities and continue to be sold online.

Victoria can also be seen singing in the Bob Dylan video “Tight Connection To My Heart” made during the early stages of her career and is a popular download on the internet.

Victoria’s talent and professional training continue to shine through and til this day, she remains in a class of distinction.

Victoria Back From Her Recent Travels

Victoria On Tour

Naples, Italy

Messina, Italy

Heraklion, Greece

Aqaba, Jordan

Aqaba, Jordan

Victoria With Friend in Aqaba, Jordan

Victoria with Her Friend Marie in Muscat, Oman




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